Saturday, August 11, 2012

What Another Year 2012

Well We just about to pass the half way point on another year, 2012. The L got his Real Drivers License in February and has been traveling around the county every since.
We'll try to up date you on our goings on. Hope to catch you all up a bit.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

WOW does Time FLY when You're having fun...

Has it been since August that we posted something here on our blog? I guess so. Our minds have been running at 100% for months. A whole school year has flashed by! Logan has done Very Well at McCallie in his Freshman year. Ran Cross Country in the Fall built up his Muscles in the Winter, played Lacrosse in the Spring, built up his muscles some more and went our for Spring Training with the football Team. I hop his mother doesn't find out about this. I'll be in DEEP trouble.
Enough writing. How about a few Pic's. Most all of our fun has been with the family and on the River.

Let's see... Where are we going Now... EFY?

OOOoooo... It' chilly at night on the river.. Running fast!

Life Scout... I Hope we don't stop here... His mom would be pleased.

Logan's trip to DC with TreyTrey. Colts Rule... 

The Future Surgeon... Doctors DO PRACTICE...

Hmmmmm... Now, WHAT did this patient need?

Why is it that the Boys ALWAYS make fun of   DAD?

The Junk Prince is 'working the crowd'... 

Another Cast... I think L Likes the Glory and Attention.

Dad's turn... San Francisco - World Series.

Dad's Turn again.. Oakland Temple... How do you get in this place anyway...Oh , I found it.

Quite the self portrait... Don't you think..

AH... Butter Beer at the World of Harry Potter.. .  Great Stuff.

Universal.. The props never change... they just move them around...

Yipee.... I'm getting WET!

No Doubt Dumbledore is busy...

Hogwarts at night... What a Place...

Waiting on the Great Wizard to come out..

Harrison's staying Safe...

Are you really upside down, Logan?

PaPa... You're Holding UP the RIDE ! ! !

Snow, Snow, and More SNOW.... 

Those are TIRES.... BIG Tires...

Our Tornado RELIEF Team.. Some where in Alabama

ARGH . . .  Da Gold is Mine ! ! !

NO, I did not catch all these fish..Aren't they Tiny?

But Tanner DID catch this one.

Ok, Wake Surfing... 

Our Digs for 7 months.... Thanks to the Hamilton's...

Do we have to wait in Another Line.. Thank you Jared.
How many of these do you have?..... I see them all over town... If you saw my gas bill you'd understand..

Tanner on the starting block.. BMX Champion.
You'll see...

A New Year - Looking at Fall 2010

It's been a good fall with Travel, Sports, Travel, a New Business... Uh Two New Businesses and LOTS of ANXIETY.
Here are a few pictures from our travels and all...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where Have We Been

A few of Logan's Travels:

Lacrosse - Still Logan's Passion. A nice Goal Finished off the season. Check out the ball driving through the back of the net. Way to Go Logan.

The Great History Project

Can the Banker be Trusted?

Logan and is Buddies get together on the Tennessee River for some Fun and Excitement. What a time!
Well Protected against all those Spikie Stickie things.
Watch OUT for the KNOT at the End of the Rope!
Another Bass for Logan's Tournament.

WOW! The FIRST Friday Grand Child The Name will continue ON!
Dawn and the Twins
Cable Trail - Fall Creek Falls - It's pretty Steep!
In a Crevasse at Little Rock City